Friday, June 15, 2012

Questioning Organizations - Just got some legitimacy

So after my last blog post about questioning "Islamic" Organizations, someone who read it from an organization got a little antsy and said that I was coming after their organization and trying to tarnish it. (Im not going to say which one it is but you all can speculate on it). But this person wrote the email stating that I am trying to "tarnish" the name and reputation of the organization and that all I wrote were allegations without any basis. BUT, if that person picked up all the points for their organization, then it means its has some basis to it. If an organization is not guilty of the allegations listed, then there is no need for them to get back to me and say that "legal action will be taken" or any other threats just from one simple thought put out there. The only reason anyone would feel like that it is targeting them or their organization is if and only if they ARE guilty of those allegations. If they are not, then they should not worry. But if they feel that it is targeting their organization, instead of making threats, that person and their organization should try to fix the problems outlined. But unfortunately, as I have written in that post and in previous posts, I will write it again. People are too hungry for power and will stay in their positions no matter what. They will not change their organization for the better, they will not hold ANYONE in their organization accountable let alone them self, and they will not take advice when offered. As for accountability, one thing I have noticed, those who are doing something wrong or nothing at all are not held accountable, but those who try to do something right in their respective organization get hammered and questioned for their work.

Unfortunately it has all been predetermined in various hadiths of the Prophet (S) where he for told that Muslims will be large in number but very week. And that Muslims will not practice what is in Islam and everything that leads to the deterioration of Islam in the way it is practiced. In todays Khutba at the mosque that I attended, the Khateeb stated a simple story of Umar (R) where he said that he is scared that he is in Madina, and if in Damascus falls in a pothole, Umar (R) will feel accountable for it...something along those lines. Those were the Companions, the best of the generations of Muslims. They knew what accountability was. Unfortunately, we can all talk about accountability and what not, but the ignorant, arrogant, and unqualified will continue to lead without any question. And unfortunately, our "Islamic" organizations have no proper model that they follow in their actions nor do they have any thing written down in their bylaws or what not (even though the Quran and Sunnah should be enough laws to abide by).

Last note/advice: Seen in almost ALL non-Muslim run companies/organizations, if an allegation is made for any form of misconduct against a "leader", that "leader" is usually put on administrative leave until pending inquiry and someone else takes over. But in "Islamic" organizations, the people who do the misconduct stay in power and are HELD in power by those higher then them and told to keep things hush hush but Haqh (truth) will always prevails iA and people will get what they deserve. Our organizations can really learn a thing or 2 from non Muslim held Companies and organizations (unfortunately). 

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